Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cute, Soft & Cheap!

Bloggers, there is nothing I love more than a pretty, girlie nightie or chemise to sleep in. I love them-they make me feel much prettier/sexier than my flannel snowflake PJs (from 1999) that I still rock on occasion(ha ha sorry Kevin!). My problem is that I usually end up taking them off in the middle of the night because of a tag/clasp/button/zipper/something that itches me or is uncomfortable. So I end up butt naked. That's not such a problem at home, but when I'm visiting my mother in law and she comes to wake me up or bring me coffee-its always a bit...weird...if I'm nude. So Ive been on a hunt for attractrive yet super comfy sleepwear and I had to post about this great find from Target. It is by the brand Gilligan & O'Malley called Women's Fluid Knit Chemise. AND It is only $15!! Buy two!!! It comes in a couple different colors (I have black, my mom just bought the pretty periwinkle color) and isn't super girlie/frilly, but it is cute and flattering and it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all :) I suggest ordering a size up (I got a medium) because I think the key to comfort is to have it be flowy. I got it in store but they have it online too!! Happy shopping!!


  1. I love the conversational tone of your posts!!!! I can totally picture you saying all this to me and joking about Kevin. Great job Hills - keep it coming!!! Very funny writer:) Beautiful and talented!

  2. That you so much Nicole! I can't wait to read you party blog and see what you have up your sleeve:) xo