Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Months to go!!!!

Wow-is time flying for everyone else or just me?? I have about 2 months left to get ready for this little sweetie to make his debut and it has hit me like a ton a bricks! I am slowing down w/ the maternity shopping bc I realized that I don't have that much time left (thank goodness-I'm ready to wear normal people clothes again!). But there are a few staples that have been very good to me throughout this pregnancy and I wanted to give one in particular a shout out: Gap Maternity Basic Leggings. These are the most comfy maternity leggings out there. Ive tried them all and some, while comfy, tend to fall down throughout the day giving a not so cute "saggy crotch" look. Others dig into my sides(sides is a nicer word for fat). And some are just the wrong material/length/etc. The Basic Leggings are nice and comfy and cheap! Twenty six bucks a pop! Not too bad at all and if you are open to different colors, the blue-ish and purple-ish color are on sale. Gap Maternity has online sales all the time-so I think I even got my black ones for cheaper than $26! LOVE, LOVE,LOVE!