Friday, April 22, 2011

Support System

Happy Friday Product Junkies!!!    I feel like I'm on cloud 9 today-not sure if its bc I finally have a day where I'm not going to the studio (don't worry-I'll be back tomorrow), if its bc we made the yummiest cookies yesterday (lactation cookies and they TOTALLY increased my output this morning!!! I'll post the recipe soon!), maybe its bc my little sweetie only flipped himself over once last night (Tanner is a rolling maniac and keeps scooting all over his crib and rolling over and getting stuck which wakes him up-which wakes me up, etc), or if its bc I'm surrounded by people I love (Tanner, my Mom, the pups, sweet Hubs and I are all hanging today).  Regardless-life is good :)
Onto today's post-recently I got an email or 2 asking about nursing bras, so that is what we will discuss.  When I was preggo I was an idiot and just kept on upgrading the size of my regular bras until the week before T came-but once I was at Pea in the Pod and tried on their nursing bras-it was like a whole new world of comfort and support!  Amazing.  And-holy crap-I could breath (I guess my regular bras were tighter than I thought-whoops!)!  My favs are the Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra from A Pea in The Pod ($42.50-pictured above) and this other one from Tagert(its Gilligan & O Malley) that I cant seem to find right now.  Honorable mention also goes to the Unlined Nursing Sleep Bra  and the Sports Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra( both from Pea in The Pod).  I would say invest in a few good comfy ones that you can basically live in (comfort wins here ladies-they aren't glam-but trust me-they will be covered in milk/baby slobber soon enough anyway).  As far as nursing tanks/nursing night gowns-I have a couple of each but really prefer to wear regular clothes w/ a nursing bra underneath.  For my hospital stay I did get a few soft and comfy nightgowns that were short and loose and so comfy and it felt great to not wear the ugly hospital gown the whole time!!  I also got a new robe that is soft and cozy and wore that too.  Awe all this talk about my hospital stay makes me want to have another baby...