Friday, August 27, 2010

TMI Week: Body Mint

Happy Friday!! Doesn't it just feel like time is flying by?? Love it. So thank goodness today is the last day of TMI Week. Honestly, I haven't enjoyed blogging about the unglam stuff as much as my usual products. But i committed to a week of it so here we are on the final day. Today's product is called Body Mint. It is called a "breath and body freshening tablet". Here is info from the company that makes its:

"Body Mint tablets are made from an all-natural, highly specialized, derivative of chlorophyll. Body Mint's unique formulation gives it the power to remedy body odors from multiple sources, like bad breath (halitosis), underarm odor, perspiration odor and foot odor. Body Mint works from the inside, out. Take it twice daily and it works to reduce everyday bad breath (halitosis) and body odor both day and night."
"Body Mint Is The New Way To Smell Your Best! Made From A Special Derivative Of Chlorophyll And Taken Like A Daily Vitamin, Body Mint Reduces Breath, Underarm And Foot Odors, As Well As Oll Over Body Odors, Also Has Been Proven To Help Bad Breath Cause From A Low Carb Diet Lifestyle
The First 100% Natural Total-body Deodorant, Body Mint Was Originally Created F Or The People Of Hawaii To Suit Their Outdoor/Active Lifestyles, "barefoot" Cul Ture And The Year Round Tropical Heat."

I think it kind of boils down to: you are what you eat. And that includes how you smell...if you eat a lot of onions, cumin, garlic, curry, etc. and don't drink a lot of water then you might not smell as sweet and fresh as someone who eats a lot of fruit, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. So these pills are like short cut!
Whew-done with TMI Week!!! Have a fab weekend!!!