Friday, June 11, 2010

For all of the Preggos!

My sister sent me 2 books in the mail. One of them "Baby Bargains" is a must have for all Moms-to-be. The title in my opinion really sells the book short, because this book isn't just about finding cheap baby stuff. It is a detailed guide to buying all the things we need for our little one(and good Lord-there is a lot to buy!!). It compares all the major brands and takes in to account things like: safety, ease of use, cost, durability, ect and gives everything a grade. I especially love the stroller section (We have decided on the UppaBaby Vista after toying with the obvious other choices: Bugaboo(so 2008) and Orbit(not great safety ratings for the car seat)). Also they go over everything from changing tables to rockers to breast pumps to diapers to you name it-they cover it. A life saver when trying to sort through the crazy amount of baby stuff to choose from! The other book is equally as wonderful and useful(maybe even more so!) and I will blog about it next week! Happy Friday Bloggers! We are moving on Sunday-crazy!