Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Toothpaste and a Weird New Discovery

Good morning bloggers! I have 2 products to talk about today. The 1st is simply my favorite toothpaste ever: Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste in Radiant Mint. It is the perfect combo of minty-ness and I swear it really does whiten my teeth! I have to give credit where it is due though: Kevin was the one who discovered it. He picked up a tube when it was on sale and we will never look back! We use it with our electric toothbrushes and it not only cleans like crazy-but it also is a great breath freshener!! So my second product is pretty random. I am obsessed/addicted with flossing my teeth. It brings me joy for some strange reason. Well, my mom was visiting a few weeks ago and I mentioned how much of a flossing lunatic I am and she one upped me with "Welll, have you ever tried a waterpick"?!?! What??!!!?? Never heard of it-but I was intrigued! So we went to Target and she bought me one. It was about $50ish and it took a while to master-but it could be my new favorite hobby! I do it in the shower (or else water ends up everywhere)and it takes about a minute (sometimes more because I like to do it a few times) and it feels soooo good and it is really good for your teeth and gums! It is a cordless one that you fill up with warm water and hold near your gum line and it blasts a thin but powerful stream of water. So now I floss in the nighttime and waterpick in my morning shower. Ahhhhhh it makes my teeth extra clean!!