Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of Course I have Tried This!!

And I have to admit: it works. Very well. I started using Latisse in May of 2007 and the picture of me (I really tried to find one that zoomed in on my lashes-but this is the closest shot i could find-please ignore the vein bulging out of my forehead!)is from July 1st 2007. So in about 6 weeks my lashes were off the hook!! Long and thick. Everyone asked me if I was using fake lashes. At the time Latisse was not FDA approved yet, so I couldn't be very open about what I was using or my buddy who gave it to me could have gotten in trouble (sorry if I fibbed to you!). Now it is everywhere. A ton of my friends use it and I can spot a Latisse user from a mile away and its not just from their lashes. A common side effect(and my biggest issue w/ it) is it can cause eye redness. So at work, people would make jokes about me drinking too much the night before because my eyes were always red and glossy. Another issue I have is it can actually turn your eye color to brown. I love brown eyed girls-but I am pretty attached to my hazel eyes and didn't think it was worth the trade off. So I used it that whole summer and loved it-but after a while just got sick of the red eyes and decided I was OK w/ my own lashes. I do miss them though-so maybe if they perfect the formulation so that it doesn't brown my eyeballs and stops causing redness-I will give it another go!