Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 2nd Husband & Dr Perricone

Bloggers-I have a confession to make: I have a second husband. And he is HOT! Don't worry, Kevin knows all about him. I refer lovingly to him as my "corporate spouse". He is one of my dearest friends in the world (and will make the BEST uncle to our little bambino)and on top of all that, he has the best skin Ive ever seen!

A few years ago, we were in Chicago for a work convention and at the airport his carry on bag got searched by the inspections people. I was SO excited to see all the goodies that he uses to achieve the dewy, glowing skin that he has! I grabbed a pen and furiously scribbled all the products that he had on the back of my boarding pass(ha-who knew I could just ask him and he would of told me!). I will share more of his secrets weapons later but one brand kept reappearing: Dr Perricone cosmeceuticals.

So fast forward to now, my 2nd hubby and I go to Nordies and Sephora all he time together. He counseled me that I MUST buy Perricone's Ceramic Skin Smoother. I am so glad I did! It spendy ($75 for a bottle at Nordies-but it lasts forever!) but every time I wear it (over moisturizer and under make up), I get lots of compliments and my skin just looks glow-y. It amazing. I would drink this stuff if I could :)

Thanks 2nd hubby and Dr Perricone for making me look better!

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