Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pups need beauty products too!

Romeo and Bella are 2 sweet, cuddly, white Maltese who I have had for several years now(I got Romeo in college in 2001 and Bella in 2006). They are the ultimate in cute and I proudly walk them all over town getting attention from everyone. The #1 question that I get is "How do you keep them so clean and white?". Well, we bathe them weekly and we use a product that has literally changed their lives! It is called Angel Eyes and it is this powder that I sprinkle on their food and it completely eliminates tear stains. Brilliant! For those of you who have known me and Romeo for a long time-you know I used to really struggle with those darn disgusting tear stains. My sweet girlfriend Becky(whose mom has a bunch of little dogs) introduced me to this product and I cant thank her enough!! It is pretty cheap(best price is from and I only use a teeny bit a few times a year. Its amazing! Now my biggest problem is I want to tell other dog owners about it with out insulting their pups :)


  1. Product Junkie - I want my pup to have Angel eyes too! I understand your dilemma about telling other pup mommies without offending. It's like telling someone their baby is ugly ... especially when your two pups are just the cutest!!!

  2. Vannie-it is the exact same as telling some one their baby is ugly! Mosey is definetly a beautiful girl-so no worries there!! I'll give you a little sample of angel eyes to try out! xo