Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Skin Secret Weapon

Alright Bloggers, Ive decided to bring out the big dogs today...Using these Studio Tools Facial Buff Sponges from Target is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give yourself gorgeous, glowing, clear, smooth skin. And a pack of 12 only cost $1.99!!! I came about these when I was still working in Pharmaceutical Sales. One of my favorite Doctors (Dr Jenny Li!), who is so adorable herself and she not only practices internal medicine-she also owns a medical spa! Well, Dr Li and I only talk about beauty stuff(ha-no wonder my numbers sucked!!). I was feeling frustrated bc I was always breaking out around my chin and below my mouth. No matter what I did-I would get zits and bumps in that area. Yuck. So she sat me down and gave me a lecture about the importance of exfoliating. She sent me right over to Target and told me I must buy these buff sponges and use with my face wash 3-4 times a week. I started and I have to say-I haven't looked back since! No more yucky breakouts!!! Not all exfoliating is equal and sorry to say St Ivves Apricot Scrub just doesn't cut it :) I use a puff a week and keep it in the shower. I put my face wash directly onto it and get it wet and get a good lather going (Im all about the lather). Then I scrub my face with it-not crazy hard-but the sponge is rough itself so it just leaves my skin squeaky clean, exfoliated and zit free!!! Now go buy some and kiss clogged pores goodbye!!


  1. I am literally running out this weekend & purchasing these! Great suggestion Product Junkie!

  2. You will love these!! I swear they changed my skin!!