Monday, August 30, 2010

Hair Rehab

Happy Monday! I have to say that this was one of my favorite weekends :) The temperature was perfect (70s) and Kevin and I had no plans. We had a few nice meals out together, did a little baby stuff shopping and relaxed...So nothing crazy, but it is just so nice to relax and spend time with Kevin. We laugh a lot and daydream what life with Baby B will be like...Its a very sweet time for us :)

This summer I have not been kind to my hair. I have been swimming a bunch and haven't had a trim in 4 months (the woman who does my cuts has been out on maternity leave). I also just had it colored/highlighted last week (different person cuts vs colors me) and that always makes it dry. Also, I haven't been doing much as far as deep conditioning either. So basically my hair is the longest its ever been and pretty dry :( So, first thing is first, I just scheduled my hair cut and will take off a few inches. Next up is I need to find a good mask/deep conditioner (and you better believe I'll post about it!). 3rd is I need to use my "go to" dry hair products. So today that's what I'm writing about. An old but effective favorite: Redkin Extreme-Anti Snap Treatment. This leave in treatment has proteins in it and it smooths your hail cuticle making breakage less likely. It also has fruit acids that help with shine. I use this after I'm out of the shower (and have already shampooed and conditioned). I towel dry my hair and put a quarter size amount onto my ends. I really feel like this makes my hair stronger, which now that I'm rehabbing it-it certainly needs :) This stuff is sold at beauty supply stores and isn't too pricey. A bottle will last for a long time. Have a great day!!

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  1. Redken is always a favorite of mine. Affordable and so rich on the mane ;) Great choice!