Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Routine

Well, this one isn't too glamorous :) As I did my little Monday routine-I thought I may as well blog about it in case any of you are not as efficient as you'd like. So every Tuesday our garbage gets collected very early-which means Kevin's chore is to take our big trash cans/bins/toters(I mean what do you call those things-the big huge ones that are either trash, recycle or green waste?) and put them on the street on Monday. Sooooo that means that every Monday I clean out our fridge. I throw away anything that isn't going to get used (sadly its mainly produce since I still can't quite get great at planning our meals) and wipe down any mess that is in our fridge. This is the best day to do this bc then I wont have stinky food in our cans for very long. I also throw away my kitchen sponge every Monday and get a new one. During the week-when ever I run the dishwasher (which is very often) I put the sponge in the washer to sterilize it. I also clean our garbage disposal with this cute little product called a Plink. You can get these anywhere-I always see them at my grocery stores that I go to (Pavilions and Gelson's). They are a cleaner and deodorizer and works like a charm!! I read this book on cleaning and organization and the author was all about segmenting little tasks like these and doing them on the same day each week-I have to say, it really helps me get everything done!! Now if I could just figure out a way to deal with all of our mail we get....

Side note: I saw the movie "Ramona and Beezus" this weekend with a girlfriend and I have to say it was soooooo cute!!! I read all of the Ramona Quimby books as a child and the movie was happy and funny and I loved it :)


  1. Hil- just out of curiosity, what is the advantage of this over spraying the can w Lysol? This is waht I've always done, it seems much more economical. Nice blog btw, hope you and the bambino are doing well!

  2. Hi Duke!! The pups and I miss you!! When are you coming our for a visit?? Im confused about your post...are you saying you spray the can with Lysol instead of taking the trash out?? Hmmmmmm not sure what you mean. Taking out the trash is free-so I'd say its pretty economical....If you are talking about the Plinks-they are $3-ish for 10 of them, and I use 1 a week-so $3 for 10 weeks-I think you can swing that :)