Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Am I Such a Wimp???

Well Bloggers, as most of you know, I'm enjoying a summer of rest and relaxation. I have always loved reading (check out my must read book list coming out this week!) and I'm a TV lover too. I LOVE suggestions and when I hear that I need to watch a series or read a certain book-I generally do so without a second thought...Which leads me to this wimpiness. Basically everyone I know tells me the show Dexter is great. Maybe better than great. One of my most favoritest girls on the planet (that's you Twinkie!!), who doesn't even watch TV (except for Nancy Grace but that's a whole other discussion) says it is her favorite show and I'll love it and I'll hope that Baby B is just like Dexter...but maybe without the killing...Anyway, my issue is that I don't like violence or blood and guts and the last thing I want is nightmares....So I ordered he 1st Season of Dexter from Netflix and now its just sitting there collecting dust....What should I do? Toughen up and watch it?? Scary...

The other wimpy thing is about the bestseller "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Everyone I know loves it! The book is everywhere! One of my 2 book clubs is choosing it for this month's book! My wimpy problem? One friend mentioned that it is violent and hard to read at times and now I can't force myself to pick it up and start reading it...I just finished another book club's book, and could easily start Girl w/ the Dragon but my inner wimp is not allowing it....


  1. Oh Twinkie! Im such a groupie. Im all excited that I got mentioned in your blog!!!
    But that's not why Im writing. Im actually a big wimp too. I wont read TGWTDT because I can imagine all the sleepless nights that will bring. I even had nightmares last night after I saw Paul cut himself on a can of soup!! But Im telling you Hilly, Dexter is different. If I were to date a serial killer, it would be one just like him!

  2. Ok, ok I trust you...we will give Dexter a try...KB is gone this weekend-so we will start after he is back (just in case of nightmares!). As far as the book goes-I actually am sucking it up and reading it too...well kind of reading it, I ordered the book on CD bc we have a 6 hour drive to Tahoe in a few weeks and thought we could listen on the way there/back...I'll let you know how it goes!!!