Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Affordable and Fabulous!

I love a surprise beauty find!! This one I found while waiting in line for the pharmacy at CVS. The line was so long it went all the way to the cosmetics section of there store-so of course by the time I got to the front I had my arms full of new goodies. This one is great. It is Prestige Soft Blend Khol Eyeliner in Havana. They sell this brand at most drugstores and on Amazon and Drugstore.com. I love the dark brown color Havana, it gives me the option to go dramatic and lay it on thick for a made up look. Or I can just trace my lash line and not even wear mascara and it looks nice and natural. It is a Khol liner-so it goes on very smooth and easily, but I what I adore about this specific liner is that it doesn't smudge!! I wear it everyday and through my exercise classes, yoga, walking, napping, crying at everything (preggo hormones!) and snuggling the Mr and it doesn't smudge! So many friends ask me how to keep their eye make up on their eyes and I now can tell them-get this liner!!


  1. hey girl! Just wanted to pass this along. I found this maternity leather jacket on ebay : ) It looks like its from target, so i would look there too : )



  2. Tara-thanks so much!!! You are awesome! I never would have found this :)