Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Macaroni-Palooza, Random Musings, Pants I love

Well Bloggers, here it is, my strongest pregnancy craving yet: macaroni and cheese...it has come on very strong and its all I can think about (which is frightening bc I basically have to be in very good shape by Feb 1st, just over 2 months post baby, more on that in a future post). Last night I declared to the hubs that I will be making mac and cheese w/ dinner most nights from here on out (or until I get sick of it-which may not ever happen) bc I really want to find the BEST mac and cheese recipe out there. Last night: I made it using a recipe from Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks". I don't have her cookbook, her recipe was in a magazine. It was a 6.5 out of 10. Kevin liked it (and I had seconds!) but it wasn't my perfect mac...If anyone has any recipes they want to share please hook it up!!

On a just as random note, I'm really sad that the Martha Stewart Show isn't on anymore...I think she may just be on a new channel, but I haven't found her yet and I totally heart Martha. She makes my heart happy w/ all of her arts and crafts and cutest cookware. They put the Nate Berkus show on in her spot and as much as I want to love his show, I don't. I do love him and want him to marry my gay best friend-but his show is boring and predictable :( He is no Martha :(

Lastly, if I weren't a bigger version of myself right now, I would totally get these adorable pants!!!! They are the Legacy leggings by Rich & Skinny. I would wear them w/ the highest/sexiest heals I could find and a loose-ish black sweater...Love the look!!!


  1. just saw your note. you KNOW i planned to have a june baby. i just wouldn't have it any other way!! is only reason i did ivf :o)

    when are you due?? about 2 months left?? hope you've had a smooth pregnancy so far. ugh, now i'm craving mac 'n cheese, but i went gluten free a few months ago. bummer.

  2. Hi!!!!!!!!! Im just so happy for you!!! Im due 11/24 but am having a c-sec on the 17th. So far its been pretty easy-no morning sickness, just the usual tiredness and now largeness :) I would love to go gluten free-I tried it once and only lasted a day-I have a feeling you are more disaplined than me :)

  3. martha is now on the hallmark channel!

  4. Did you try Martha's mac and cheese? It's the best!!!! :)