Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love this Conditioner

Alright Bloggers, I have a confession: for as green as I try to be, there is one instance where I'm a big waster...I'm a conditioner over-user. The bottles always say to use a "quarter size" amount of conditioner and I like to use about $2.00 worth of quarters :) I just like to use it all over my hair (except not my scalp obvi) and use a lot so I can detangle and make sure that every last strand/inch got covered. So this leads me to my issue with very expensive conditioners-I can't justify using a smallish bottle of $40+ conditioner, it just wouldn't make sense. It would last me 2 weeks tops and that is just ridiculous. Sooooo I was at my salon (Bravo Salon and Spa in Pasadena-they are amazing!!!) and was asking what are good, not too spendy conditioners? At first they stuck to their guns and just recommended what they sell there (Kerastase and Bumble) and after some pleading on my part, I got a certain stylist to whisper that the Sleek Line by Matrix is great and is WAY cheaper than Kerastase. So I tried it and I LOVE IT!! It makes my hair so soft and shiny and ahhhhhh it just is wonderful :) AND a big huge bottle is between $25-$30 so I can continue to use and huge amount w/out feeling guilty!


  1. i just read through most of your blog today. have been so nauseated that reading has been a no-no lately, and i feel more sick after staring at a screen, but your blog made the last hour and change go by very quickly (thank GOD) :o)

    dh is obsessed with strollers and keeps debating the bugaboo vs uppababy by himself. i can't think that far ahead, but you testing them out is making me think the latter is the way to go!!

    you're in the home stretch, right momma? xoxo.

  2. I am going to try this conditioner. I used a silver dollar amount myself & will not spend the money for expensive hair products, especially Bumble & Bumble prices.

  3. This is my FAVORITE conditioner for when I want straight hair. A little bit of it really goes a long way!