Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Pup is going to be fine!!!!!!!

Just a quick update on my sweet Romeo. The vet called and his tumor was benign!!! The vet said that he was positive it was a sarcoma and he is shocked that the pathology report came back and said it wasn't!! I'm so happy and feel so much relief. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!! I posted some pics of Romy's favorite thing-going on our boat! These were taken in Sept (I was about 32 weeks-so excuse my largeness!) when we were up visiting my parents in Lake Tahoe. The top pic is w/ my mom, then under that it's Romy and Bella w/ their uncle Adam, then Romy by himself and lastly our little family: Me, Kevin Romy and Bella. I have never seen our pups smile as much as they did on the boat-it was the cutest thing :)

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