Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Operation Eye Cream

Bloggers, the product I get asked the most about is eye cream. I have tried several (probably close to 30) different types/brands/formulations. So it is shocking to me that I don't have an easy answer when someone asks me which eye cream is best. I think the problem is that as I'm getting older (yes 30 is the new 24, but still my eye wrinkles seem to know how old they are) I need more from an eye cream than before. Before, anything that was nice and moisturizing would do they trick. Now I need tightening, plumping, moisturizing, line filling, and the list goes on. So I will make it my personal mission in the next few months to try and review as many eye creams as possible in order to bring you guys my final answer!!! In the meantime, above is a picture of an old favorite of mine. It is great if you are in your 20s and don't need the heavy duty eye cream yet. It is Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and this is a beauty favorite for a lot of people. It is nice and thick and you actually should rub it between two fingers before you apply it in order to warm it up and thin it out so it goes on nicely. It is moisturizing and feels great. It isn't therapeutic enough for me and these smile lines-but if you are young and don't need the big guns then it is an awesome choice! It is $25 for a little pot-but it lasts a long time bc you don't need much. You can get it where ever the sell Kiehl's (Nordies is easiest for me) and the nice think about Kiehl's is they tend to give samples so you may be able to try this product before you invest in it!

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