Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Baby Bod

My sweet little man is 2 weeks old today!! He has already grown a bunch and as quickly as he is putting on weight-I'm trying to take it off!! I gained 33lbs during my pregnancy-but I started it 7 lbs higher than my ideal weight. So today I am down 20 lbs and have 13 more to get back to pre baby weight, although I'm going to try to lose 20 lbs to get to my skinny weight. I'm hoping my skin will shrink too! Today I'm headed out to buy an abdominal binder to shrink everything up. I wore one for the 1st week after Tanner was born-but I stopped bc it was bothering my c-section incision. Well now that the incision is almost healed, I'm going to get back into it!! I am very excited to get the green light to exercise (I see my OB tomorrow) so that I can start toning up!! Above is a pic of me the morning Tanner was born-we were just leaving for the hospital. I was very puffy-the pic doesn't do a great job of showing just how huge my tummy got, but trust me-it was huge. People would say "well, I bet you are having a really big baby!" or "must be twins"-gosh people are so rude!!This post was kind of jumbled and all over the place-sorry, not a lot of sleep last night and I'm trying to be quick! I'm starting my healthy-eating plan today so hopefully that will keep the scale moving in the right direction too!


  1. I am so happy for you guys!! Also, if that is you 'bloated' I officially am jealous. That is what I looked like on Thanksgiving.

  2. Good luck with your weight loss, hopefully it will come right off! I gained 40, lost 20 in 2 weeks, lost 10 more between 8-12 weeks postpartum, the last 10 would not budge until after I stopped breast feeding. I only share this with you b/c I was under the impression that breast feeding would make the lbs fall off and got really frustrated about that last 10.

  3. hey babe - yes, can you give me the info on the "youare my sunshine" wall decal? i think i found it on etsy:

    is this it, but in the "slate blue" color?? xoxoxo.