Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well this is out of hand. I kid you not-I am shedding more than a Husky in July. Like handfuls of hair. Uggghhhhhh. I know this isn't a cute post about a fantastic product or about my fantastic baby-this is just a FYI to other mamas to be and a huge bitch session for me! I have looked into it and it is perfectly normal to lose hair after you have a baby. I guess one of the reasons preggo women get such amazing hair is that they don't lose as much when they are pregs which results in think, long hair. Well don't get too attached to it! Mine started really coming out at about 3.5 months and I think (knock on wood) that the worst is over. Literally a huge handful would fall out when I wash my hair. It is so gross. I could stuff a king size pillow w/ all this damn hair! And Tanner is so into grabbing things that it isn't usual to find a my hair in his little fist. Oh well-another perk of mother hood!

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  1. Isn't it awful?! I literally didn't lose ANY hair while I was pregnant and it is still (Ella is almost 7 months old!) falling out. I also have these lovely baby bangs now on both corners (?) of my forehead and a little in the middle because of hair loss in the front. This just happened, so maybe something fun for you to look forward to. ;)