Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cheap Chic Day 3: Bronzer Bang for Your Buck

My husband is such a typical Southern California guy. He was born and raised in sunny San Diego (Del Mar to be exact) and he has always loved the beach, surfing and getting sun. So he definitely thinks that women having a nice tan=pretty. This would never have been a problem in my college years where I would bake myself all day, but now that I am hanging on to my youth with all of my might, I refuse to tan my face. My body on the other hand I do get color on but we will discuss that in a future post. So enter one of my top beauty necessities: face bronzer. Not the self tanner kind. I like a solid powder form and I put it on with a nice big fluffy powder brush. Once again-Ive done the hard research and tried everything from Nars to MAC to Cover Girl and I really like this Physician's Formula the best. Its about $10 at Target and as long as you don't drop it and shatter the powder-it lasts for a long time. I get lots of compliments of people saying "you are glowing", most of them say think the glow comes from being preggo but I know that it is from this Cheap and Chic bronzer :)

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  1. I've been looking for a new bronzer! Thank you for the suggestion Hil :)