Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cheap Chic Day 4: Easy Tissue Tees

Bloggers-I have a confession: Since leaving my corporate job about a month ago, I tend to wear work out clothes all day every day. Obviously if I have plans or somewhere that calls for cute, I will dress it up-but mostly I am working out, unpacking from our move and running errands all day-so it seems appropriate to stay comfy. I splurge on my workout pants(Lululemon!!!!) but for the tops-anything goes. Which brings me to my Budget Beauty item of the day: Mossimo Tissue Tees from Target. They are only $9 and they go on sale! The long sleeve white top pictured above is only $6 right now! These are great over the tank that I wore to exercise in. They are light and fitted-but not so tight that my expanding belly feels uncomfortable. I also wear these layered in the winter with jeans and UGGS. They are great bc if you get a stain on them its no biggie bc they are so darn cheap. Kevin always comments on how soft they are too!

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