Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easiest cup of joe ever

Good Morning bloggers! As I sit here, doing my morning routine (wake up, make coffee, drink coffee as I visit all my Internet sites: FB, babycenter, a few blogs, ect) I feel compelled to write about Starbucks Via Ready Brew. I'm not an instant coffee kind of gal, but things were getting dicey around here in that department. I normally brew coffee every morning for Kevin to drink on the road and for me to drink here. Well now that I'm on decaf(oh caffeine-how I miss you!)and Kevin still needs his caffeine to wake up-Ive been running to Starbucks for lattes every morning(too inconvenient and too much $$). And as much as I love my lattes-I missed my little routine. So my mom(who is a coffee snob too) mentioned that the Starbucks Via isn't bad at all. I tried it and its pretty good! Not amazing-but pretty darn good. Now it is sooo easy to make Kev's regular and my decaf in 2 seconds. So for the next 5 months until we are both on caffeine, I think its a great way to start the day :)

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