Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gift with Purchase??

I promised myself I would not be suckered into buying a certain amount of cosmetics to get a "free gift with purchase" anymore. It is just wasteful because I never use those mini-tubes of product and I already have way to much junk/clutter in my bathroom as is(we are moving in 2 weeks-so I started packing and am SHOCKED but how much crap I own!!!). Well, I broke my promise. I was at the 1st day of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (started last Wednesday) and I saw the cutest little make up bag that clinique was hawking as part of their gift...Trina Turk designed it! And I heart anything and everything that Trina's a bit obsessive-bit I think she is the chicest, most fab person ever. She is the queen of Palm Dessert and I wish I was the princess! Soooooo, I bought $50 worth of clinique stuff (under eye concealer, under eye cream(which I'll post about soon!), and some lip gloss). I got my gift home and gave my mom the stuff inside the make up bag (ha ha it is her junk now!) and now I have my cute little make up bag that I somehow spent over $50 to get???


  1. Ha! It is pretty darn cute! I am trying my hardest to stay far away from the Half Yearly Sale, dangerous territory!

  2. Itis soo dangerous Christina!! I say hold out for the anniversary sale in August-thats where the good stuff is!!

  3. I just discovered your blog and I love it. The name caught my attention. I am really enjoying reading all your posts- they have me cracking up! I too am somewhat addicted to products. Well I would say I'm a recovering addict. :) I was way worse in college- my room mate referred to me as "every retailers dream." I will admit I am a sucker for advertising (ironic that that is what I went to school for). I'm a huge fan of product/consumer reviews so I am excited to follow your blog! Great concept. Looking forward to catching up on all your posts & following along with the new ones! :)