Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Fence...

Good Morning Product Junkies!! Today I am writing about Moroccan Hair Oil. I kept hearing about this stuff and how all the celeb's use it so of course I did what I do best: went on Amazon and ordered a little bottle of the stuff. They have a whole line of hair products everything from shampoo to hair masks. I bought the original product which is actual oil for your hair. They say to use just a little bit and rub it between your hands then smooth it on the ends of your hair-kind of like BioSilk I guess. It smells delish and it does smooth out my ends but I'm not sure that its worth the price tag because you can get a big BioSilk bottle at Costco now for much less than the tiny bottle of Moroccan Hair Oil. I guess I'm still on the fence on this one. I need to be a better Product Junkie and use it more often so that I can form a real opinion on it. As of now-I would give it a C+.


  1. Hilly - I bought a little bottle of this when I was at The Yellow Balloon buying lice shampoo and mousse for my niece (but that's another story for another time - I hope you NEVER have to write about that product!)
    Anyway - I love this stuff!! It really works for me. I actually dont even use conditioner anymore. I just wash, brush my hair, and throw this stuff on. Expensive yes. But now I dont have to buy 20 bottles of conditioner anymore.

  2. VP-I have to tell you that I have come around and like it a lot now too!!!!