Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yummy New Gum Alert!!

I always have lots of goodies in my purse. Some would compare me to a 70 year old grandma who always has: gum, mints, lotion, wipes, tissue, safety pin, etc in her purse. It makes my bags ridiculously heavy-but that's just the way I roll. Ive tried to cut down on what I carry-but it just isn't happening. One of my newest exciting discoveries is Dentyne Pure Chewing Gum. It is soooooo delicious!! Definitely a breath freshener and just really tasty. I like the green flavor a lot and have the blue in my bag-but haven't tried it yet. Being that everyone knows that I'm always stocked with gum, I always get hit up for it and every single person who has tried Dentyne Pure has raved about it too!! Enjoy!!

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