Friday, June 4, 2010

The Yummiest, Best, Make-Your-Skin-Soft Scrub!!!

I was never a huge body scrub fan. I would forget to use them and I hated how oily they felt. Well that changed! Now that Im getting older(30!), I try to find moisturizers in all shapes and forms and that includes body scrubs. I was introduced to the LaLicious scrubs a couple of years ago while visiting my sister. She left a little tub in the guest shower and I decided "What the heck-I'll try this". Now it is in my top 10 favorite everyday luxuries!!( More on everyday luxuries later). It is a sugar scrub that has oils in it so it is crazy moisturizing! The scents they come in are heavenly! I especially love the Passionfruit/Lime and Brown Sugar/Vanilla. They should be the very last thing you do before you get out of the shower and they are so rich-you may not need lotion after you use them! Kevin definitely compliments me on how soft my skin is after I use this delightful scrub! You can order it online from and I suggest you do bc they throw in a little sample with every purchase! The company also makes amazing body cream and body oils too! Happy scrubbing!


  1. OMG! I love the LaLicious Body Butter in Sugar Kiss. I love the scent because it's a little vanilla and a little sweet. But, it's the best body butter because it's not too shiny when it goes on. My little girl (1 1/2) has been having really dry skin this summer. And it's sensitive enough to slather on her. She looks forward to her LaLicious massages everyday. Now I have to go get the scrub!


  2. Amanda-you little devil! Isnt it the best body butter??!! Kev-dawg LOVES the suger kiss scent (on me, ha ha, he doesnt wear it himself). I love the coconut body oil too! xoxo