Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Crack aka Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

Hello, my name is Hillary B*** and Im a lip balm-aholic. Ok, this post is way past due...Any of you who know me, know that this is my #1 favorite product. Ever. I love/need it and always carry a tub w/ me(even in bar class, in the pool, at the doctors office, during dinner-I mean I never am w/out it!). A few weeks ago I was at Starbucks with one of my dear friends Julian. My purse was unzipped and he caught a glimpse of the 6 tubs of Kiehl's Lip Balm that I had in my purse at one time. He had to call me out on it and through laughs asked me if I really need to carry 6(!) tubs with me in one purse??!!?? I have to say-that yes I do! Its my own personal crack (and this crack is not whack!) and I am totally dependent on it. It is the most moisturizing lip balm on the market. It has the perfect amount of shine, but isn't too sticky. It doesn't have a taste(because lets face it, coconut on the lips tastes good for a day or so-but it gets old real quick!), my only gripe is that it is only SPF 4. It comes in a pot/tub or in a tube-but I swear the pot/tub is WAY better than the tube. I also put in on my cuticles and never get hangnails or dry cuticles. You can get it anywhere Kiehl's is sold, I generally get mine at Nordies. Ahhhh just talking about it makes me happy!


  1. i am addicted to. BEST LIP BALM EVER!

  2. Thanks for dropping my name in your blog Hills...the first step to addresing your lip balm problem is to admit you have a lip balm problem...