Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Got Zits?

With this product-you won't for long!!! Let me start out by saying that this is a no no for my fellow preggos because it has salicylic acid in it. For everyone else: it's basically the bomb. A zit blasting bomb!! I love to hear about celeb's beauty must haves and I kept hearing about this dude Mario Badescu's drying lotion. I think I finally bought it (at nordies) after Jessica Alba said she swears by this stuff(isn't she just sooooo pretty?!). Let me tell you Bloggers-this stuff works! You would use it if you either have or are getting a pimple. After you wash your face, moisturize like usual (except avoid the zitty area) and then take a qtip, dip it in this little pink bottle and then dab it on the zit. It will stay pink which is perfect because then you know that you got your target. Sleep with it and wake up to better skin!!! Love it! Brilliant! The only not so cool thing is that it stinks like rotten eggs (Im guessing they used sulfur in the formulation which is great at zapping zits-but a bit stinky). But Id have a stinky face when I sleep if that means I have clear skin the next day!!

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