Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skinny Secret: Fiber!!

Alright Bloggers, most of you who know me know that I am a dieter. Always have been, always will be (not while I'm preggo-but I'm still eating healthy and making sure I get my 30+ grams of fiber daily). I like being thin, love having clothes fit me and unfortunately when I eat what ever I want, I get big. So I have a few rules that's I follow-mainly things that I must include (not exclude) in my daily diet. My #1 secret to skinniness is fiber. Love it! Seriously-it is the key to maintaining my weight. It keeps me regular (sorry for tmi!) and keeps me feeling full. There are so many ways to get your 25-35 grams a day. If you aren't a fiber eater now-I suggest easing your way into it-don't shock your system and go for the gusto at once or you may have some GI issues. I'll share some yummy food products that are high in fiber in future posts. A great way to get fiber in your diet is through fruits and veggies-but I also get mine through bread, cereal, soups, crackers, etc.
Some high fiber cereals get hard to eat after a while(All Bran Buds for instance), but this yummy cereal is so delicious that I get excited for breakfast everyday :) It is Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters and it is sooooooo yummy! I make it with a 1/2 cup of non fat milk. The nutrition looks like this (for 1cup of cereal with 1/2 cup of nf milk):
Calories 210
Fat 1g
Fiber 11g

Love it!! And by the time I finish eating it-I'm 1/3 of my way to my 30gram a day goal!!


  1. I love Haaaa-Doggy-DOGG!!! And I love fiber too ;)

  2. BRAINS!!! I thought of you the whole time I wrote this fiber-licious post!! Lets go ahead and call 2008 the year of the fiber because between the 2 of us we ate like 1,000,000 grams of it :) xoxoxo