Monday, July 12, 2010

Guess who is trying to get organized??

That's right. I figured it was time I get my life organized. I didnt have the excuse of being too busy with work or with the move (we moved a month ago-so that excuse doesn't work anymore!!). Sooooo first things first-I want to start planning out our dinners for the week. I'm doing this because I do love to cook-but I swear that eating in is sometimes as expensive as eating out! That's not cool-we are supposed to save $$ by eating in, so in order to accomplish that-I need to do some strategic planning.
Target has a new line of organizational stuff that really got me excited!! This meal planning list is so cute and very helpful! I sat down yesterday with my favorite cookbooks and while Kevin was watching the world cup-I planned out our meals and made a coordinating shopping list :) Easy breezy right? Well sort of-when we went for a walk last night, we were discussing our plans for the upcoming week and I realized I need to know those plans before I make my list...We have dinners plans with friends that I forgot about and Kevin will be out if town for work on Thursday and we will both be gone this whole weekend. So I love the idea of planning out our meals and for the 3 nights we will both be here this week-I'm sticking to my meal plan!!

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