Friday, July 9, 2010

OMG Yummiest Smell Alert!

Bloggers-I was putzing (putzing?) around in my bathroom yesterday and saw I that I had a sample of Bliss Lemon & Sage body scrub. I decided to give it a whirl and holy crap-this stuff smells AMAZING!!!! Delish! Magical!! I can't wait to buy more stuff in that scent! They have the whole line in Lemon & Sage, everything from soap to body butter to body spritz! I love it because its clean and fresh and not too girly. Those of you who stay at W Hotels have probably tried this before bc that's what they use for the in room products. I kind of want to book a weekend at the W just so I can hoard these little goodies...but a more practical approach would be just to order the products myself :) So that's what I'm doing!

On a side note, my handsome hubby and I went out for a little "date night" to dinner and a movie last night. "Grown Ups" could possibly be the WORST movie of all time (well its between Grown ups and Confession of a Shopaholic!). It was just so NOT funny :( With all those funny guys in it-it is a shame it was so lame-o. Oh well-we should have seen Eclipse (whoop whoop Team Edward!). Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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