Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maternity Jeans and a Beautiful Friend!

Not to brag-but I think I may have some of the sweetest friends. Just love them!! One friend in particular surprised me with a very sweet and thoughtful gift...I came home and found a package from Saks on my doorstep. I opened it up and there were he CUTEST pair of maternity jeans I had ever seen! Who knew J Brand made a maternity line? Its call Mama J! Isn't that the cutest!?! Becky (Buck D), thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful!! It was the sweetest gift at the most perfect time-I was probably about 10 weeks preggo when she sent them, and I was feeling sad that I wouldn't be able to wear normal, cute clothes for the next 9 months. I had to exchange them for the correct size-but now I have them and I couldn't love them more!! It can be hard to feel fashionable and cute while your body is changing so drastically so quickly, but these jeans definetly make me feel cute and happy! So to my fellow preggos-I say splurge and get a pair (or two!) of good designer maternity jeans, they are worth it!!!

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