Thursday, July 15, 2010

O Gloss

I have gone through a million different lip color phases in my life. Everything from Wet N Wild (in Jr high) to all of MACs delightful colors to when I would only wear gloss to when I thought frosty pale pink was a winner. There have been lip color highs and lows. For the past 2 1/2 years Ive been on a major kick for Smashbox O Gloss. It supposedly is "intuitive" and changes color depending on who is wearing it. Im not sure how true that is since I'm the only person that I know that wears it. It a nice clear-ish gloss that has a pinky tint and if I reapply a few times it gets really pink...maybe too pink, so they key is to put it on then maybe reapply once or twice as needed-then put it away and just wear my Kiehl's because at that point I have a nice pinky stain on my lips. I was looking through old photos and I kept seeing this little cute pink tube in all of the shots. So its kind of turned into a "where's waldo" type game in my pics to see where my O Gloss is :) Can you find it??

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