Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 things that every Product Junkie should have in their car

As Product Junkies, we must always be prepared and ready to face any beauty disaster (A stray hair??!!?? On my cheek??!!!??) that comes our way. We should also set up beauty rituals and be efficient so that they are easy to maintain. A perfect example of this is car time. As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, I logged countless hours in the ugly company car and I've got to tell you: my cuticles have never looked better...coincidence? Not a chance.
I keep a little bottle of Solar Oil in my car at all times. Solar Oil is a sweet little combo of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E and it is super moisturizing and penetrates tough skin. When I get in my car-my ritual is to turn it on, get my AC and radio all squared away, put on my glasses, dab some solar oil on my cuticles and then apply a hand creme with SPF on my hands. This literally takes 30 seconds and it is well worth the effort. Don't use a heavy/greasy hand creme or your steering wheel will get slick and that's dangerous!! Right now I'm using Keihl's Unusually Rich-But Not Greasy At All Hand Creme SPF 10. It's not the best in the world-but it does the trick. Car time is also great for plucking...NOT while driving-but in a parking lot or driveway. I do my best plucking in good natural sunlight-so I have found that it is very worth while to keep a good pair of tweezers in my car. I personally like the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer(in Pink!). So to summarize the 3 things that every Product Junkie should keep in their car is:
1. Cuticle Oil
2. Hand Creme with SPF
3. Tweezers
Have a good day everyone!! Be safe on the road!!

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