Friday, August 13, 2010

A Produce Saving Goody & a Party for a Bestie

Happy Friday Bloggers!!!! Is it me or is time flying?? I love it! I have to say that I'm a 2nd half of the year kinda gal. From 4th of July to December 31st-I'm always happy :) Right now it is feeling like "back to school" time and I love that feeling. Kevin is gearing up for all of his fantasy football craziness (3 teams this year!) and I am really looking forward to our trip to Lake Tahoe over Labor Day....Ahhhh life is so good right now :)
On another very cute note, I got a Facebook message from a very sweet friend who had a product to share w/ us junkies!!! Here it is:
"Hey I was reading your blog the other day (my sephora list has tripled!) and I noticed how you were complaining about produce going bad. I used to have this problem all the time, buying a bunch and then it going bad before we can use it. Then I discovered Debbie Meyer green bags- yes those ones in the As Seen on TV section at Bed Bath and Beyond or CVS. They work miracles, it's seriously silly! Honestly, I can buy a head of lettuce and know now that it will last almost 2 weeks. They are reusable too, which I only do like once because I get creeped out and they aren't the easiest to clean. Seriously give them a try, they have saved our produce. :-)

Well Miss Lura, thank you so much for the suggestion!!! I am in desperate need of these and will be heading out to Bed, Bath and Beyond for them this weekend (I'll be sure to bring my 20% off coupon! Whoop!) I love, love, love when friends share their ideas/products that they use-so please keep them coming!!!

Lastly, this weekend I'm going to be in Manhattan Beach for one of my closest friend's Engagement Party. I'm so happy that Megan has found such a wonderful hubby-to-be and am truly honored to be a bridesmaid!! Her wedding is in Hawaii next June and Kevin, Baby B and I can't wait!!!

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