Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love this Moisturizer!!

They got me. I really thought I was just going in to buy my lip balm and I didn't even see them coming...they are fast, sneaky and very good at what they do...Cosmetic Sales People!! So I was just walking by the Philosophy counter and I must have looked weak bc next thing you know I'm swiping my card for $200+ worth of youth and beauty promising goodies. Good news is I like everything I bought! So I had to blog specifically about this fantastic anti aging moisturizer: Philosophy Miracle Worker. I love it!!! I use it at night after I wash my face and apply eye cream and it is both light and moisturizing. It instantly makes my cheeks super soft and gives my skin a nice glow! Even Kevin noticed and said he loves how soft my face is :) Love it when my hard work pays off!!! So it is $55 they have it at Nordies, Sephora and most places that sells Philosophy. I was very honest with the girls at the counter bc Ive tried another Philosophy Moisturizer and it sucked!! Hated it!! As soon I said it they knew which one I was talking about and promised that is one is a billion times better and they were right! It is terrific!

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