Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My AHA! Moment!!!

Alright. I am so happy to be preggo. I love this little bean inside of me more than life itself. I can't wait to meet him and see who he looks like. I can't wait to kiss his cute baby cheeks and spoil him rotten. That being said-there have been some hard parts to this pregnancy...I mean-not crazy hard, but it is definitely a life changing/body changing experience. My body has gotten a lot bigger and softer. My boobs need their own zip code. My hair has gotten much dryer (weird right?). My skin has been good to me (no stretchmarks yet knock on wood!!). But still lots of changes. So the one that really through me for a loop was that all of a sudden I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes!! WTF???!!! I'm so good about always putting on eye cream, always wearing glasses and we all know I've dabbled in some Botox from time to time...so what is going on???!!!??? It is driving me crazy!! Well, I finally figured it out: At a certain point in your pregnancy, they advise you to sleep on your sides bc its better for your blood flow and for your baby. I have always been a back sleeper ever since I read that Heather Locklear swears this is her #1 stay young secret. But being paranoid and a directions follower, I have been snuggling up to Kevin or my body pillow and sleeping on my side...well that's the culprit! It smashes my face and pinches my wrinkles together and makes me look old!!! :( Whew-I'm glad I figured out what was the deal!! Another factor was I switched to these super cute brown glasses instead of my usual black ones and think I'll go back to darker bc I do find that I'm squinting quite a bit more in the brown ones. So for now I'll keep sleeping on my side but I'll try to not smush my face so much, I'll switch to darker glasses, I'm going to bump up my eye cream and after this baby boy gets here and I'm done breastfeeding him, I will march my butt to the closest dermatologist and get my face shot up with Botox galore!

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