Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TMI Week: If All Else Fails...

Bloggers, by now you probably know that I'm a fiber fanatic! I think it is the key to weight control and it is such a necessary component to a healthy diet. And the obvious bonus is that it keeps me, um , well, regular. So this product isn't very necessary for me on a day to day basis...but when I travel everything doesn't stay as "regular" as I'd like. So today's product is great-it is called PlumSmart and is available at most grocery stores in the juice section. It is prune juice with added fiber. It tastes pretty good (so be careful to just have one serving!) and it works like a charm! Especially my fellow preggos (who can suffer from constipation) this drink gets things going. And its healthy! Not only does it have fiber, but it also has potassium and over 100% of your daily vitamin C. They make a diet version too that has fewer calories (which I like bc I normally don't want to waste my calories on juice if I can help it!). So drink up and enjoy!

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