Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TMI Week: Pull My Finger??

Ok, so there are few thing grosser and more embarrassing than gas...especially when gas translates into stinky farts. I'm sorry I have to be so vulgar Product Junkies, but we are all friends here :) So if you know that there are certain foods that make you, well, pass gas, then I have the remedy for you!! Charcoal Pills! They work like a charm!! And are cheap! Much better than Gas-EX or Beano. Just take 2 caps w/ water (or what ever you are drinking) when you are eating your "trigger food" (for some its beans, high fiber foods, dairy, etc). The charcoal pills will protect you and the people around you from having to deal with the smell :) Also if you don't have specific foods that you know make you gassy-but you notice that you are indeed tooting, you can take these magical pills and it should take care of the problem :) They are natural and safe (although Preggos-I'm not sure if these are a go for us-so Id avoid them!). There are a bunch of different brands and are sold at all drug stores and of course at Target and Amazon. A Must-Have!! Well-I'm glad we got through this stinky subject!

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