Monday, August 23, 2010

TMI Week!!!

Happy Monday Bloggers!! So today starts what I am calling "TMI Week"! Lets face it-products aren't always glam, in fact, there are some things that need products/attention that are just plain embarrassing which leads me to TMI Week. Most of you (who know me) know that I am very open...about everything...maybe too open? Well, I don't believe in hiding stuff. No one is perfect and the people who pretend to be are bound to get tired of living a fake life.

To kick off this week I thought I would post about an old favorite...Certain Dri! It is a prescription strength antiperspirant roll on that is doctor recommended but you don't need a prescription you can get it a CVS or Target...And this stuff works!!! I first discovered this in college during sorority rush. Its was very hot and we were wearing tight baby tees (they were in style back then-I promise!) and I was looking around to a sea of sweaty pits...not very cute. So I did some investigative work and haven't had a sweaty pit since!! Certain Dri can be used for men or women. You should put it on at night right before bed. It does have an annoying side effect: it makes your armpits itch, which is why I liked to use it after I had a few cocktails bc then I'd pass out w/out the itching keeping me up :) In the morning you can use your normal everyday deodorant. You don't need to use this daily maybe start with doing it a few times in a week and soon-you will have dry pits!! I havent used it in years (and wouldn't use it while preggo) but you better believe I have a bottle of it in my cabinet!


  1. Oh Hill, everytime I see this little product I totally think of your and rush! Too funny!