Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Issues, 1 Easy Solution

Bloggers I have such a strong sense of smell that in a former life I think I was a drug sniffing German Shepard...I'm not exaggerating. So smells REALLY affect me-good or bad. This leads me to Issue #1: Lotion that I have either purchased or that I received as a gift that well, stinks. I hate to throw it out (because somewhere deep down I'm frugal) but I cant bare to use it on my hands or body or even leave it in one one the guests bathrooms. So that leaves me with a drawer full of stinky, useless lotion :(
Issue #2: Dry feet....well, this isn't an issue for me (see solution below) but I see other people with heels so dry and cracked that they could walk across hot coals and not blink an eye :) I cant imagine what their sweetie thinks when they are snuggling in bed and (gasp) playing footsie with those lethal weapons!
Solution time: Every time I put on socks (which for me is daily bc I workout most mornings and then wear my running shoes for a good part of the rest of my day), I first slather a thick nice amount of my "stink" lotion onto my feet and rub it in. Then put my socks and shoes on over it and voila-all day long my feet are getting a nice little moisturizing treatment and I'm not wasting that dreadful lotion-but I'm not smelling it either! Easy Peasy :)

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