Monday, September 20, 2010

Get This While You Can!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!! Bloggers-I had the absolute best weekend!! 3 of my dearest, best friends threw me the most amazing baby shower :) I loved it and had such a great time!! I'll post some pics when I get them.
Now this product I'm talking about today is tricky because it wont be available forever...but the good news is that you can get it for much cheaper than usual because of this. I'm talking about Kerastase Noctogenist Serum Nuit Leave In Overnight Softening Treatment and Im talking about it being terrific!!!!!!!!!! It is a treatment that you put on the ends of your hair when your hair is dry. I do it day or night because it absorbs so quickly and so you can't tell that Ive put anything on. It softens like crazy and smells divine and it really helps with breakage. A lot of you ask how do I get my hair to stay healthy when it is so long and this treatment is one of my tricks! So I'm a tad heartbroken because Kerastase is reformulating it (or maybe just getting new packaging??) and so it wont be available forever. But in the mean time I'm getting it at 50% off (its normally $65 at my salon). It is expensive (even at 50% off), but a tube of it lasts a really long time and it works so well that its worth it :) If you color and style your hair a lot, or if you have dry ends I would say this is a must have for you!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see pics from the shower! So glad you had a wonderful time!