Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet My New BFF

Bloggers I am such an alarmist! I mean it is ridiculous! I was getting into the shower about 2 weeks ago and peeked in the mirror and there it was. Staring at me. Right on my tummy: A large red stretch mark. I was sooooooooooooo sad. After I showered, I called some of my usual suspects to try and calm myself down. Then I went straight for the computer to search for cute one piece bathing suits bc that was what I was sad about: if I have stretchmarks then I wont want to wear bikinis anymore and I tend to think bikinis are the cutest swimwear and I am going to Hawaii this June and Cabo next Fall and we live in Southern CA so we are at the beach all of the time and I got myself in such a panicked state about this damn stretch mark. After coming to terms w/ one pieces (there are some cute ones: Trina Turk once again never lets me down as far as swimwear is concerned!) I did the next rational thing: went to target to buy every anti-stretch mark product ever made. I came home-raced up to my bathroom, stripped so I could lube my growing body up and looked in the mirror...where had that stretch mark gone? I searched and couldn't find it. It wasn't a stretch mark-it was an indent on my swollen tummy from the seam of my workout pants. I am officially an idiot. Not just an idiot-but an alarmist idiot!
So that brings me to this new product that I decided to use daily to keep real stretchmarks away: Bio Oil. I really like it! I use it every time I get out of the shower and it is nice and not too oily. I just use it on my stomach and use regular lotion for everywhere else. It does take a few minutes to absorb into the body-so don't make the rookie mistake of getting dressed too quickly after applying it! It is a tad expensive bc I use quite a bit of it-but oh well, I'm almost at the finish line and if it allows me to wear my beloved bikinis-then it is worth every penny ;)

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