Monday, October 25, 2010


Happy Monday Product Junkies!! I hope you all had fantastic weekends. Ours was mellow, but productive! We cleaned, shopped, ate, watched movies and snuggled (it was nice and chilly here!). Kevin also golfed and I think he is going to try to get out as much as possible since he won't have as many free weekends for long :) 3 weekends left people! This is crazy!!!!!!! So I normally don't like to bash products on here(if you don't have something nice to say...) but this one recently made it onto a magazine's best of list and I couldn't disagree more! By now you all know that I am fiber obsessed and I also really believe in the health/diet rule of combining fiber and protein at every meal (when possible). Needless to say when I saw that Fiber One was making cottage cheese with added fiber in it, I was super excited!! I had about 2 bites before I realized that this was disgusting and tasted chemical-y. Blech. Gross. Yuck. So I'm back to my old cottage cheese (Knudson brand the l/f one) and I just make sure I get fiber w/ it back adding either strawberries, raspberries or blueberries-yum!

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  1. Sooo I love my Timi and Leslie bag but I am so worried that it's TOO big! It takes up half my body! I don't know how practical it is for me to tote around with a baby in my arms. :( I'm looking at the Nest and Storksak diaper bags now and may return my Charlie bag. So sad. Are you loving yours?! ALSO, all of the sudden I panicked about the fact that the Bugaboo stroller can't become a double stroller. The Uppababy Vista has the option to add on something to make a double stroller, but we checked it out in the store and didn't think it was that practical - really uncomfortable for a child and the baby's carseat would be RIGHT in their face. SO now I'm thinking about the City Select stroller - it's eerily similar to the bugaboo/uppababy but has an awesome add on feature to make a double stroller. We plan on having more kids so this is something I think we should prioritize. SO, fabulous Mrs. Product Junkie, do you know anything about the City Select?!

    Sorry for a novel!!!! Gosh, I should have just e-mailed you!