Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do Your Pups Have Expensive Taste?

Mine do!! Bella and Romeo are picky pups and love the finer things in life (and this should not surprise anyone because look who raised these little munchkins!). They are fanatical about their Greenies. We give them one Greenie everyday when we leave the house. They expect it. As soon as I put shoes on, Romeo is waiting by the front door for his "goodbye treat". Well Greenies are expensive! Like ridiculous! And there are lots of cheap imitations-but none that ever appealed to my little snob Romeo (Bella btw will eat anything to be polite...such a lady!), until now...Nylabone Nutri Dent Original Minichews seems to pass the test! The minichews are for dogs up to 10 lbs (Bella, like her mommy, is a few lbs over weight right now, but we still give her the minichews) and both dogs seem to really like them! They are less than half the price of Greenies! Bone Appetite! Get it "Bone" instead of "Bon", yep this is the kind of humour sleep deprivation elicits :)

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