Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OK I suck as a blogger!!!

Ahhhh why is it so hard to get ANYTHING done right now? I am used to being very efficient and let me tell you, I still write out lofty to-do lists daily and get to about 2 of the tasks. It is hard bc all I want to do is spend time w/ my little love!! Good news is that Baby Tanner is gaining weight like a mad man! 2 lbs 2oz in 2 weeks! The pediatrician was shocked! And impressed (and he said "well obviously you are tired bc you must be feeding him all of the time", which is true!)! Great news about the little man getting a bit bigger is that he can sleep longer now and I can (try to) space out his feedings so I can get some stuff done!

So today I'm posting about one of the easiest ways to look better quickly...whiten your teeth!! I didn't do it while preggo and actually I didn't think I touched up these pearly whites since our wedding (Oct 08). So as part of my "extreme make over post-baby edition", I will get these teeth pearly and white again asap! I have teeth trays that the dentist made (2 sets actually), but truth be told-I prefer the good old fashion Crest White Strips. They really work! And they don't irritate my gums or cause tooth sensitivity the way my trays do. So that's my product for the day! Happy Bleaching :)

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