Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OMG I have fallen off the face of the planet!!!!

Seriously-I suck! I haven't been returning phone calls or emails, I haven't been on facebook in ages, I have no clue whats going on in any of my magazines or fav shows (except Top Chef All Stars and Housewives of Beverly Hills-those I've managed to keep up with!). I have been very busy being mama/wife/holiday hostess/business owner. It is insane! I'm typing one handed w/ a sleeping baby on me while the cleaners are cleaning up the last of the pine needles on our floor :) BUT, my sweet product-loving friends, I have also been trying TONS of new goodies and have lots of great new finds to share! So-honestly I probably wont be blogging quite as much as before, but I will make an effort to get on at least a few times a week! In cute baby news: Tanner is smiling up a storm and slept last night from 9pm-ish to 4am!!! I think I may have actually gotten into REM! I'm headed to my OB for my 6 week check up and hopefully she will green light my exercising (I started taking Dailey Method classes again this past week) and green light sexy time w/ Kevin!!! Products that I'll be blogging about soon: this AMAZING under eye illuminator, fabulously fresh smelling body butter, nipple cream that rocks my world, a new fav lip balm, and much, much more!!! Ohhhh and I'll also share my new year's resolutions w/ you(so I feel like I have to keep them!). Hope you all had a fab holiday! Above is a pic of Kevin, Tanner in his Bjorn and me on xmas morning and a couple of me and Tanner by our tree :)


  1. Happy New Year's friend!!! 2011 is going to be a great year!!!

  2. you look great! i hope tanner's first xmas was a memorable one :o) xoxo.