Friday, March 25, 2011

New Mom Must Have:Little White Circles of Fluff Happiness

Seriously I could fill up hundreds of blog posts about what my poor nipples have been through since November 16th. But I'll try to keep those posts to a minimum :) Today's product, Johnson's Nursing Pads, came along when I thought that I would never find relief and they are AMAZING! The best nursing pads on the market! You know I have tried them all (and so weird how ALL the others have majorly sucked), and these are top notch. They are thick and soft and very absorbant and the cherry on top is they have a nice little spot for your nipple! Brilliant! The other nursing pads are flat and just smoosh everything down :( I have never leaked through these and they aren't plastic-y like the Lasinoh or Medela ones are. Just the best. Only drawback is they don't sell these at Babies R Us. I get mine at Target. Ha-2 posts in 2 days! I'm feeling very proud of myself ;)

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