Saturday, March 26, 2011

My #1 Fav Baby Product

Mamas-this is it. This was what helped me stay sane during those exhausting first 2 months: the Nap Nanny. I had never heard of it before and was at The Pump Station in Westlake (the BEST baby store in So Cal w/ 3 or 4 locations) and my mom asked the sales girl what a nap nanny is and the rest is history...I choose the tan colored one and LOVE it! So what does this Nap Nanny do? Here is what the manufacturer says:
"The Nap Nanny Chill is a portable recliner designed by a mother to increase comfort and improve infant sleep. The Nap Nanny chill is also great for play time, taking a bottle, feeding twins, or watching television. With no top end weight limit, it can also be used as a perfect toddler chair. "
We used it for everything-but mainly it got my sweet baby boy to sleep like a champ! (That in combo w/ the Miracle Blanket-is the BEST discovery ever!!!). So I had planned on having Tanner sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few weeks. But he wasn't loving the bassinet-Im not sure why-but it wasn't his favorite. We soon started having him nap in the Nap Nanny (we would just keep it in our living room bc newborns fall asleep all the time-so as soon as he would dose off-we would put him down to snooze in the Nap Nanny), and then we had the bright idea for him to sleep in it at night(on the ground right next to my bed). He was swaddled and just as snug as can be :) When 6:45am(!!) came and I realized that my sweet angel had just slept 9 hours(!!) straight, I knew we were onto something amazing!!! I think the incline is brilliant (especially if your little one has reflux). I took Tanner up to San Francisco for a week in January and we stayed in a hotel and bless his little heart-he continued to sleep through the night in his Nap Nanny and it was super easy to pack! I cant say enough great things about this product! He is in his crib at night now-but I still use his Nap Nanny as a seat for him-or I can feed him a bottle while I pump w/ him in it. There are a million uses for it! LOVE IT! A MUST HAVE!!
Here is my disclaimer: It should NOT be used in a crib. Use your good judgement here-I wouldn't leave my baby unattended in it for long periods of time-duh.


  1. Hello! Thanks for your post! We have a 13 week old that is addicted to sleeping in his nap nanny! He sleeps in between my husband and I in our bed in his NN. Any tips on how you made the transition to the crib?
    I can't get him to sleep in his crib for longer than 45 minutes at a time.


  2. Hang in there Gina!! Do you swaddle him? We swear by the Miracle blanket and used that w/ him in the NN and then used it in his crib and he was fine w/ it. Does your 13 week old sleep through the night in the NN? Tanner was-then when we switched him to the crib-he maybe woke up a tad earlier (like 4:30 instead of 6am), but still slept for quite a while. Do you have any white noise in the nursery? We swear by having a fan on in there (which helps reduce the risk of SIDS too). When he hears that noise it puts him to sleep :)

  3. Shouldn't you remove this since these things are responsible for the deaths of several infants and have been recalled?